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Accept payments by Alipay

What is Alipay

The most popular cashless payment method in China.

Alipay mobile application is installed on 80% of mobile phones in China.

Alipay is designed not only for payments but also for shops and goods search, travelling etc..

Three reasons why to accept Alipay mobile payments
Tourist can find the shop or restaurant easily by using mobile or by Alipay sticker on a shop door.
Tourist is used to pay by Alipay from home, payment is easy.
Tourist gets a VAT refund easily.

Two ways of implementation Alipay payments

Using Ipad

Shop owner sets up an account, installs the Alipay Merchan application to the Ipad and connect the Ipad to a simple wireless printer. This way the shop is ready to accept Alipay.

Integration to the cashier system

IT supplier installs the SW kit to the cashier system. New option will appera on the screen: Alipay.




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